You achieved your graduate degree, now it’s time to apply your knowledge to develop specialty parenteral products that positively impact patient care.The Pfizer Parenteral R&D Professional Development Program is an intensive, two-year rotational program designed to provide recent graduates with diverse and challenging cross-functional R&D assignments that prepare them to assume significant roles in driving Pfizer’s future in the hospital business. The program is designed to accelerate participants’ personal and professional growth through hands-on experience in a variety of  business-critical assignments that deliver essential medicines for global health.


Diverse professional opportunities abound

The rotational aspect of the program provides you the opportunity to explore:

  1. Disciplines within the parenteral development process;
  2. Working closely with senior leaders as part of cross-functional teams;  and
  3. Access to state-of-the-art drug development and formulation technology.

These opportunities will provide participants with diverse career options at the end of the program.

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